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Knife Survival Seminar
As an Academy, we believe in preparing our ADULT AND CHILD Students for all situations in life whether it be self-defense, focus, confidence or just providing an outlet for people. Unfortunately Knife crime has been in the headlines and, although we would rather not have to provide such a seminar, we believe it is the right thing to do to arm people with knowledge and remove the potential feeling of becoming a vicitm. 
Invicta Karate Academy are hosting this unique seminar, FOR 18 YEARS AND ABOVE , WHICH is being led by SENSEI Paul Steadman 5th Dan JKA Instructor. Paul has over 30 years’ experience in both the martial arts and professional arenas. This Seminar is not an instructional session on how to have a knife fight but rather how to avoid or handle a situation and escape at the first available opportunity.
This Seminar will,
✅  Build your awareness strategies
✅  Learn distance management strategies
✅  Help you become active in situations and take control
✅  Learn how to handle such a situation and walk away
The cost is £15 for non members or £10 for members of the Academy


Sevenoaks Primary School

SATURDAY 14th July

10:15am- 1:15pm