A big thank you to our students

The recent snow has left me with a couple of hours to spare so I thought it would be good to go back over some stats and see how far we’ve come as a martial arts school.

Our driving force is to help all our students be the best they can be through Karate however we would not be where we are without all our students including our new additions.  Our students could have attended any martial arts school or started any other pastime therefore we respect your choice to allow us to teach you traditional Shotokan Karate.

Here’s how the Academy has developed in the past 18 months;

In October 2016, we were known as Borough Green Shotokan Karate Club

In October 2016 we had 4 students

In November 2016 we added a Little Tigers class

In August 2017, we still only ran 3 classes a week

In September 2017, we renamed the school “Invicta Karate Academy” and added a second location at Sevenoaks Community Centre on a Tuesday afternoon

In this same month, we expanded our class range to 7 classes per week and split our classes by ability for all students from the age of 6 years and up. If you’re good enough you’re old enough

In October 2017, we added a third location at Sevenoaks Primary School for our Adults only classes

In October 2017 we increased to 29 students

In November, our Higher Grade Level 2 class graded and moved closer to Black Belt

In January 2018, some of our original Little Tigers started to graduate to the Main School and are really showing the benefits of starting early

In February 2018, we added our Saturday morning classes

We now have 4 opportunities to grade a year and monthly events in place for all our students and their parents from Karate courses to Knife survival seminars. 

As of 28th February 2018, we run 10 classes a week in 3 locations to 62 students between the ages of 4 & 64 and receive weekly enquiries from people looking to join!

Thank you for coming to Invicta Karate Academy and look forward to seeing you in the dojo!

Toby Price