The four stages in learning a Karate technique

In teaching our students, we have learnt that (no mater what) there are always 4 steps in their learning process. We have tried to show this in the picture below. 

4 Stages in learning a Karate Techniqiue.jpg

Students have to see the technique first on order to learn it.

Then the process of learning the individual parts of the movement can take time but is the next step.

The student can then usually perform the technique but not do it. This may sound weird, but eventually through practice both individually and with a partner, the technique will eventually be understood by the student. Applications of the technique are explored and then understood both physically and mentally.

It is at this point that the student can then do the technique with body memory rather than with a conscious decision to move their body in a certain way.

This is when Karate really comes into its own.

Toby Price