Karate is like boiling water...................

Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan Karate, was fond of quotes. One of favourites was

“Karate is like boiling water: without heat, it returns to it's tepid state” 

Training is key to Karate. The road is littered with people who got their Black Belt and then stopped training. Your body still knows the techniques but they have gone cold and don't work nearly as well as they once did. More so if you are training and rising up the coloured belts, you are laying the foundation for your future Karate life. Personal training works and doesn't take much, you don't need to lock yourself away in a room for hours. 20 minutes at the start of the day running through your Kata and basics will do you and kickstart your day!

Return to the Dojo for your lesson and then take away what you learn and practice.


If you can train more than once a week- go for it!  More often than not, two lessons a week is like four. The reinforcement effect - subconsciously you drill the techniques into your body and push home the lessons of the dojo.

Keep an eye on other things as well, your focus will increase, your flexibility will improve and your awareness of both your body and your surroundings will expand noticeably.

Happy training!






Toby Price