How to prepare for your karate journey


Karate training is hard and very challenging with lots to remember and continual testing involved. As you proceed it is hard to know exactly where you stand. Below are the most popular questions;

·       How much training do I need to be doing?

·       What level do I need to achieve for my next grading?

·       What do I need to do for my next belt?

·       How many lessons should I be doing for my next belt?

With this in mind, Invicta Karate Academy are introducing Attendance Record Cards which will be stamped at every session you attend. They let you know, in advance, how much training you need to get in before your next grading, what you need to be practicing and, as a result, help you to understand where you stand in your Karate training. 

Also as you advance, you will be safe in the knowledge that you are building a strong basics foundation and will not be found wanting when you test for Black Belt and further.



Toby Price